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TINU PUBLIC SCHOOL Senior Secondary School, Delhi Affiliated to C.B.S.E.
" TPS is where the future grooms,
Like the lotus which always blooms,
Spreading its beauty, fragrance and love,
With the bright sun guiding form up above,
Books enriches our lives with knowledge,
Beautiful green ferns protecting like foliage,
The children are lovingly nurtured here.
With lots of kindness, love and care."

News & Announcements

Current Achievements

House Activities(2019-2020)

Harivansh Rai Bachchan (1st to 15th January, 2019)
Date Class House Activities
11th January,2019 Nursery - V Harivansh Rai Bachchan Moral Education- Classes Nursery to V story-telling (based on discipline in life)
14th January , 2019 Harivansh Rai Bachchan National Youth Day - Speech on the life of Vivekanand
15th January,2019 Harivansh Rai Bachchan Army Day- India Speech
10th January,2019 Xth Harivansh Rai Bachchan Preboards

Kalpana Chawla House (16th to 31st January, 2019)
Date Class House Activities
19th January,2019 Nursery - V Kalpana Chawla Swachch Bharat Activity- Speech in English & in Hindi
23rd January,2019 6th to 11th Kalpana Chawla Subhash Chandra Bose Jayanti Speech
29th January,2019 Class Room Activity Kalpana Chawla National Girl Child Day Awareness through explanation
25th January,2019 Nursery to 11th Kalpana Chawla Republic Day Celebration Prade Flag hoisting Speech in English & Hindi Function: Dance performances, Group- Song , Prize-distribution- Activities(School level)

Vikram Sarabha House
Date Class House Activities
7th Feb,2019 1st to 12th English/Hindi Grammar
8th Feb,2019 Nur to V Moral Education Stories based on moral values
11th Feb,2019 1st to 8th Mock Papers

Rakesh Sharma House (16th Feb,2019 to 28th Feb,2019 )
Date Class House Activities
16th Feb,2019 III - V Rakesh Sharma House Art & Craft (Thank you card) Inter house Competition
16th Feb,2019 VI Rakesh Sharma House Earthquake/fire safety
16th Feb,2019 VII Rakesh Sharma House Pollution free Delhi
16th Feb,2019 VIII Rakesh Sharma House Child labour
25th Feb to 12th March 2019 Nur - XI Rakesh Sharma House Annual Examination

Kalpana Chawla House (16th March to 31st March)
Date Class House Activities
3/16/2019 Nurs to V New Session 25-Mar
3/22/2019 VI & XI New Session 25-Mar
3/22/2019 VII & VIII New Session 25-Mar
3/28/2019 IX New Session 4/1/2019

Zonal Activities/Achievements

Date Subject Event Group Students Name Class Position
27.07.2018 English Debate Senior Boys Manish IX 1st
Chirag X
Junior Boys Shariq VIII 1st
Shivam VI
Hindi वाद-विवाद प्रतियोगिता Junior Boys Tarun Sugandh VIII 1st
Akshit Kumar VIII
28.07.2018 Hindi आशुभाषण प्रतियोगिता Junior Boys Neeraj Mishra X 3rd
Raj Saurabh VII
28.07.2018 Hindi Extempore Senior Boys Neeraj Mishra VII 3rd
03.08.2018 English Declamation Senior Boys Chirag X 2nd
03.08.2018 Hindi Declamation Junior Boys Ritesh Ku. Mishra VIII 3rd
09.08.2018 Music Folk Song Boys 1st
13.08.2018 Music Folk Dance Boys Group Dance 3rd
20.08.2018 Art & Craft Visual Art Senior Vivek Dalai IX 2nd
24.08.2018 Science Debate Senior Boys Chirag X 3rd
Manish IX
27.08.2018 Science Quiz Senior Boys Abhishek X 2nd
Amit Maurya X
Neeraj Bhatt X
27.08.2018 Art & Craft Sculpture Making Senior Vivek Dalai IX 3rd
29.08.2018 Science Seminar Senior Girls Ashiyana X 2nd

Central Level

Date Subject Event Group Students Name Class Position
06.09.2018 Science Seminar Senior Girls Ashiyana X 3rd

Sports Zonal Level

Date Subject Event Group Students Name Class Position
28.07.2018 Table Tennis Sub Jr. Boys 1st
Junior Boys 3rd
02.08.2018 Badminton Junior Boys 3rd
Sub Jr. Boys 2nd
06-08.08.2018 Table Tennis Sub Jr. Girls 3rd
10.08.2018 Volley Ball Junior Boys 1st
13.08.2018 Volley Ball Senior Boys 1st
28.08.2018 Throw Ball Senior Boys 3rd
31.08.2018 Badminton Sub Jr Boys 2nd
03.09.2018 Throw Ball Sub Jr Boys 3rd
26.10.2018 High Jump Junior Boys 1st
26.10.2018 High Jump Junior Girls 2nd
31.10.2018 Mini Athletics (relay) Girls Below 11 2nd
31.10.2018 Mini Athletics (relay) Boys Below 11 3rd

Road Safety Club District level Competition

Event Group Position
Essay Writing Middle Group II
Senior Group II
Painting Senior Group II
Nukkad Natak Middle Group II
Senior Group II
Innovation With Material Middle Group I
Senior Group I
Quiz Middle Group I
Senior Group I

Major initiative Work Experience Clubs (VI-VIII)

Road safety
Needle Work
Performing Arts
Food Nutrition
Literary Club Hindi- English
Eco Club
Health & wellness
Interactive Club English Public Speaking
Hindi Public Speaking

Our School

"We are proud of what we deliver and what our students gain." Tinu Public School provides an education that enables our students to fulfill their potential-be it social, intellectual, academic, sports or cultural. We do so not because these potentials fully developed are academically useful, economically marketable or aesthetically rewarding but because we want every single student to find something that they are good at.

We recognise that, in a rapidly changing world few of our students will follow a career for the whole of their adult lives. To cope with these changes they will need flexibility of mind and the intellectual curiosity to continue learning into adulthood. We expose a variety of teaching models in order to develop student who can think critically, synthesis, transform, experiment and create. In short we aim to equip our students for the 21st century global competition. Read More




The school takes pride in the spacious library cum reading room. It is stalked with the vast collection of books and other learning material. Every year new titles are added to shelf of the library. It is mandatory for each class to visits the library at least once a week.



The school makes provision for commuting of students from all areas of the city to the school. The buses used are specially equipped to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for your child.


The school believes in the slogan that "All day work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". There are provisions for indoor and outdoor games as badminton, volleyball, kho kho, basketball, throuw ball, table tennis, chess, carrom, athletics, yoga etc.



Music is the food of the soul for the children at TPS. Classical, Folk, Western and devotional songs occupy equal space in TPS. We are equipped with various music instruments with cities best music teachers to groom the skill of music and dance. The school choir is one of the best in South Delhi.


Aditional Activities


"Because picture can convey a thousand words."